Early in the spring of 2007, our current director was contacted by a team of real estate brokers regarding the feasibility of land donations in Arizona that could be kept pristine and still allow the donors to receive tax benefits for their gifts. Because of the unusual request, study was made into the motivation for the request as well as the federal laws regarding agreements that would determine the use of the land when given as a tax-deductible donation. We discovered that not only were the requests valid and viable, but were considered by Federal Parks and Recreation rangers as an excellent alternative that would set aside land for camping, outdoor youth activities, and preservation of areas that might otherwise be damaged or fall to neglect and misuse.

It was during that period that some of our Board members looked at expanding the idea that campgrounds could be made available to people of all faiths and interests rather than being dedicated to just one church, social group, or political party, and thus the first stages of interfaith renewal dialogue began. Our long term goals include the potential for study History Groupcenters and places where holy worship can be shared by all who wish to expand their belief and service.

Since those early days, we have been fortunate to combine some of our interests with groups like Gesher Interfaith: A Bridge to Understanding, and a number of clergy and spiritual guides who have a passion for bringing people together for healthy faith dialogue and education. In 2013 we will travel together to Israel to learn more about the process of engaging people from all walks of life in the exciting process of discovering common bonds of faith, respecting tradition and culture, and building on media resources. Educational tools and visual productions that share our discoveries during that trip will build the bond of friendship globally. We believe that the better we know our neighbor, the more likely we will work in mutual dignity and respect.