Who We Are

In keeping with the inquiries that first gave birth to the Interfaith Renewal Center, we are continually seeking land that can be used for campgrounds and retreat centers. The primary goal initially is to keep land open and pristine which can be used for camping by a diverse number of groups from children learning to interact spiritually to adults taking time from their hectic work lives and finding bonds of friendship and refreshing their human spirit.

All too often, the amenities come before the purpose, and although there is certainly a need for the development of more advanced meeting rooms and study facilities that take advantage of modern media presentations, there is also a real need for returning to what nature can provide. Seeing the earth care for itself, being present for one another instead of a telephone, conference call, or television screen makes us aware of our origin. It strengthens our resolve to be better than we were yesterday, to share more, breath more deeply, give of ourselves without the expectation of return, and to grow in ways we could not imagine when surrounded by buildings beyond comprehension, and walls that bind our minds and limit the discoveries of our souls.

We encourage all who are interested in this part of our mission endeavors to contact us. There can be few legacies more rich and meaningful that estate planning that leaves a better world for those who remain here after us.

There is no better use of land than the education, enlightenment, and caring for the growing minds of children.

We would welcome hearing from you! Write to HolyPlaces@ExploringCommunity.org and share your thoughts and ideas.