Renewal of Spirit

Exploring Community provides a subscription you can join that will keep you informed, lift your spirits, and strengthen your connection with other people of faith. Ponderings is a meditation subscription that will bring weekly short writings about life from our staff to your email box each week. It's a great way to start your Monday morning and set a tone for the week ahead.

There are numerous advantages to meditation. Recent scientific studies have shown that those who meditate regularly are calm, under control and deal with life better. Meditation may also offers many health benefits such as low stress and lower risk of heart disease. A spiritual journey is more about traveling than arriving, more often about divesting than accumulating. It is most often a journey made in relationship with fellow travelers on your path. Our weekly Ponderings are devoted to encouraging you on your journey by offering you a free, weekly meditation that reflects the discoveries others have made on their journey. Renew your acquaintance with thoughts from the heart that resonate deeply.

Drawn from a wide range of contributors, these short meditations will inspire and guide your mind and heart. By simply subscribing with your email address, you will indicate that you wish to receive the weekly meditation. Each reflection takes less than few minutes to read and yet that Monday morning pause can set the tone for your day, and perhaps your whole week! Feed your spirit and nourish your soul. Sign up and enjoy!

Subscribing is without any charge and your email address is never sold, shared, nor any personal information given to anyone outside of our own staff. You are safe here.

We are so very grateful for your presence and interest in the process of Exploring Community through the Interfaith Renewal Center!


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