Religious leaders and clergy are finding themselves pressed to the limit with the demands of an ever increasing world community seeking answers to modern day questions that threaten the faith of their ancestry. We stand at a cross-roads of a new generation that combines the energy of exciting, aggressive thought of people from all walks of faith, whose passion and deep moral commitment are making a difference in a time of grave global threats.

The Interfaith Renewal Project has been designed to make tools available to people and organizations who wish to reaffirm their faith, and want to be a part of this growing movement. It explores viable paths in developing new approaches to the search for God and His purpose, while embracing many backgrounds of expression. To set aside dogma, prejudice and restrictions on opening the spiritual eye while protecting the traditions that have made us who we are in our respective communities for generations.

We look forward to meeting people from all walks of life and all paths of faith in bringing renewal to the spirit, a fresh look at learning from the beliefs and customs of others, and sharing strength and resources with those who are striving to find their way. Peace to all who travel here.

Our Holy Mission

The mission of the Interfaith Renewal Center is to provide opportunities and tools for all people of faith that will enhance, expand, and empower belief by exploring new approaches to the search for God and His purpose, while embracing without judgment or prejudice the cultures and traditions that have made us who we are.

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