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Israel and Ancient Petra

We invite you to participate in a unique and exciting journey to the land of Israel and ancient Petra. Together, as one community of people of faith, we will learn and explore, study and teach, question and engage, discover and record the growth of our inner spirits in a land filled with sacred history for all people.

Whether you choose to travel with us, or wish to make it possible for others to fulfill this Holy Mission, your part in this adventure is important!

You will find the Land of Israel to be a complicated and beautiful place in its ancient and modern significance. Come experience the archeology, text and peoples of ancient Israel, while sharing ideas and learning through respectful and honest encounters in a modern, thriving context.

This journey will be one of discovery - of our own faith and each other's. We hope you will be with us on this path as we walk toward increasing interfaith understanding and friendship, returning with tools to share with others the wonder and significance of building faith community.



Our planned trip to Israel and Jordan is an exciting one with dynamics that are rare, to say the least!  It will be an active time, some physical endurance required, and it is not designed to be casual travel for tourists.  Instead this is a learning excursion, including time in a working Kibbutz, sharing and studying scripture, tradition and cultures as we travel.  All who are interested in going with us are welcome. 

Each participant will keep a daily journal, from which a study guide will be developed by the IRC staff and advisors which will accompany a video of our daily adventures.  We have discovered that our exploration of the concepts of community, and bringing together people of faith is of great interest to public broadcasting media, and we are excited about the potential for developing nurturing dialogue and programs from our experiences.  We will be departing from and returning to Phoenix, Arizona.  The number of spaces is limited, so please do let us know as soon as possible if you would like to travel to Israel with us.  Fill out the form below and we will respond within just a day or two.


Without our patrons, who so generously donate the funds necessary to build programs, explore facilities and share media, we could not continue our work. Please don't assume that there is a gift too small, or that your donations might be used for anything other than our stated mission. We need your participation at many levels, and look forward to sharing faith, friendship, and revelations as we grow. The people are our purpose and the glory is for God, our Creator.

All of our benefactors will be acknowledged here on our web site, and gifts to Interfaith Renewal Center, Inc., a tax-deductible non-profit corporation.

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